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"Consentrating too hard," she heard luke say from behind her. she dropped the mind grip on the rock in front of her. Annoyed, she turned around to see Master Skywalker staring at her wit his pale blue eyes.

"I am not!" Mara pouted, smiling sweetly at her soon to be husband. she helf out her hand toward the rock, which lifted from the spot where it laid and into her hand.

"You're full of trick." Luke laughed. He squated down beside her. He brushed her cheek with the tips of his fingers. He then took the rock from her hand "This pebble, doesn't show much talent for you. I know you have more Force strength then that, Mara. You're a Jedi Knight now."

"Luke,"Mara started." what to you want me to do? Go out and kill a Dark Jedi, Like you do?"

"I don't kill." Luke muttered.

"In all reality, that is what your doing. You're not destorying anything. Just another life. If yuu want destroy the Dark Jedi, try harder to turn them." Mara sturnly said, her anger growing hot in her cheeks.

"Mara! What do you think I've dedicated my life to? I've turned a few back to the Light Side. Like Darth Vader, and Kyp Durron." He bit his lip trying to make her understand.

"That's only two." she sighed. "Luke, you can call yoruself a Jedi master if you want, but I know that deep down that you're still learning yourself. If we marry.."

"And we will."

"...I want you to promise me that you'll keep your promises." Mara took Luke's hand, looking him in the eyes with love.

"That didn't make much since, but I will keep all my promises to you."

"And your family and your friends. you told me the samething once. I kept my promise about not killing you."

"Yes. Yes your did." He leaned and kissed her softly on the lips, hold it for a brief moment before letting go. "I'll see you at the Dinning Hall later." he stood and walked off.

Mara watched after Luke until his figure dissaeared into the evening fog. she stood up, and started off further into the forest. Perhaps I just need quiet. Time to be with myself,She thought. She started to run faster and faster through the forest. Jumping over tree roots and stepping around puddles of water. By the time she reached the opening of the forest night had fallen. she groaned uncomfortably. She had no food or water.

"Thank the Force for LightSabers." she said uncliping it from her belt and igniting it. The blue/white glow spread through the murky darkness of the forest. She squinted into the night, looking for some small animal to kill; something she hated doing. Luke was probably worrying about her. Just like he worried about her when she went searching for the Hand of Thrawn.

Using all her Force strength, Mara used the Force to help her see. A little animal, small version of a wamprat, ran passed her feet, but she couldn't bring herself to hill the innocent creature. She picked it up, rubbing her finger over it's fur. She placed it in her her satchel.

she went and leaned up against a tree. Ther was no use in trying to make her way back in the dark, she'd have to wait until sunrise.


Morning came quicker then she thought possible. The sun had broken the fog, leaving Mara sweating. She stood up, putting her satchel over her shoulder. She was hungry, but she had gone longer then this with out food. She treatched her arms out beside her. The fresh air would do her good. She set a course back to the temple.

*************************1 Year Later*********************************

She was standing in the door way leading to the Massassi temple throne room. She dound herself completly out of breath. Her hand slid down her wait, feelin the smooth satin bodice. The white over-layer hangin from the chest from. The dress was sleevless, but had lace arm wrappings. Unde rthe dress Mara wore a new pair of white boots.

The doors opened. Luke was standing there, arm out to her. She linked her arm in his. Luke was wearing a hwite pair of white slacks, a white french cut shirt and a white vest. both of them waering signs of purity for the Light Side.

Arm in arm, the couple walked forward down the isle to the platform in front of the the Throne room. The Keeper of the Light( Jedi Master brought forth by Luke Skywalker).

Luke and Mara kneeled on the floor, in front of the the Keeper of the Light. Luke took Mara's hand and smiled, she in turn squeezed his hand. The Keeper placed his hands on both their heads and said "Old spirits of the past, please help these two keep their marriage safe from the Dark Side." He then turned to Han Solo, who stood directly above Luke, and Han handed the Keeper two silver tubes. He took them both, and handed one to Mara and One to Luke.

"With these lightsabers, you must link them together, showing your bondage." The Keeper said.

Mara nodded, as did Luke. They faced each other, and linked the the bottom sides of the lightsabers together. A blade ignited on bothe sides, one blue and one green. Together the blades intertwined and turned a blue/green color.

"The old Spirits have excepted you two. You are now together forever. Master Skywalker, please kiss your bride." The Keeper said.

Luke leanded in and kissed Mara like he had never kissed anyone. Mara this time returned his kiss, for the first time.


Mara stood there looking at Luke, hetr heart punding. She felt a passion in side of him, but he was thinking only of Callista. Mara became uneasy. Anger grew in her soul.

"How could you!" she screamed. she truned away from him, arms folded over her chest.

"What? Mara?" he placed his hand on her shoulder, turning her around, He kissed her softly.

"Was that a kiss for me or for Callista?" she asked soldly, not inflecting any emotion.

"Callista?" Luke asked. He took Mara's hand, rubbing his figners around her knuckles. "I don't understand? what's wrong?"

"You were think about Callista. On our wedding night! How could you?" she cried. she had finally excepted him, and he went and did this.

"Mara.... Listen..." He looed at her.

"No!" she ran from the room slamming ghte door behind her. Throught he hallway and into the throne room.

She threw herself onto the platform and fell asleep.

Luke stood watching the door. He watied an hour, and came tot he conclusion that Mara wasn't coming back. He threw his lightsabe across the room, in anger. he sat down on the bed and cried. He layed his face first on the bed.

Mara woke up to the sound of buzzing in her ear. Still in her wedding dress, she stoof. She started off to her room. She need to pack somethings.

Luke was lying on the bed, his lightsaber on the other side of the room, where Mara picked it up and layed it by him. The smelled of anger.

Mara sat down on the floor and took out her journal from he stachel and began to write: Entry 5

Once she was done, she carefully and quietly began to pack her things and left in the Hunter's Luck/. She was headin off to Tatooine in search of Callista.