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Jade Journals

Entry Five-

Today is the day after Luke and my owns wedding day. I sit here wondering what to say to him if he wakes up. Last night we had a fight. On our wedding night! I couldn't beleive it! I had started it. I felt a feeling coming from him. He had been thinking about Callista. I just blew up! I was ferious; angry. I ran from the room and into the Throne room, where i fell asleep.

He didn't even come after me. I snkeaked back into our room. Luke was laying on the bed face down, still in his wedding attire too. I didn't want to wake him.

I noticed his lightsaber on the floor, across the room. He must have thronw it when i didn't come back. I felt a low thickness of anger in the room.

It's all m fault.

So I sit her now, crying. A new Mara has been born.

- Mara