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Jade Journals

Entry Four- Today was luke and my owns weddings day. It was really beautiful; more extravagent then I would have liked, but Leia did plan it. I'm sitting in Luke and I's room still drapped in my wedding dress. The last time I wrote was over a year ago. I hadn't much time to write for I was very busy. Luke did scold me for forgetting. so now that we're married i must remember to keep this journal. He has asked to see what iw rote, but I still refuse to let him. Let him scold me.

Luckily for me he hasn't mentioned haveing children, yet. But i do know he wants them, but i would like to wait a few months.

I should only have two children, anymore would drive me to Kessel. A boy and a girl. I don't know what i'd name them, but something sensual and something bold will do.

I must go now, Luke and i hav much to talk about, and he's coming my way.