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Jade Journals

Entry Two-

I sit here in the Massassi Temple at what Luke know calls "The Pre- Jedi Academy. He has actually listened to me, for once. We have not yet set our wedding date, and truthfully i'm not in any mood to start that soon. I just as soon forget about it untill this whole thing about Thrawn is passed.

Yesterday I was walking threw the Massassi forest, and i stopped by a tree to rest and drink some of my water. Something has scurried passed my feet. I looked down to see what it was. To me it looked like a small wamprat, but I knew Endor had none of those. Then i dawned on me that this must be the Vergal wamprat, the kind that were very small and only lived in trees. I took it back to Luke, to ask him about it. He only said "It's not unusual for you to have a bonding with this small creature. It has some how found it's way to the Massassi forest. It's a Force dweller." Well i decided to keep the wamprat.

That's how that went. Well I best be getting on, class starts soon. -Mara