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Jade Journals

Entry one-

I look forward to the day i can actually call myself a full pledged Jedi. I tell Luke and the other Jedi Knights and students that I don't care for the Jedi ways, but to please Luke i keep trying. I have this feeling for him, a feeling I never had for anyone, not Kyle Katarn, Talon Karrde, not even Lando Calrissian.

I was asked to keep this journal by Luke, he said it would help me keep track of my past thoughts, so I may not forget how I felt or feel about something or someone. As for today, I'm thinking about Callista. Somehow I feel I'm taking her away from Luke. He has not mentioned her since he proposed to me, but I'm sure he thinks about her everyday, wondering where she is. I do not feel jelouse(typo), I understand what he feels for her, but I has promised me that his romantic feelings are gone for her, and have come abidding upon my soul.

As for now I'm going to go back to training, Luke is rapping at my door, calling my name. If he knew what I was doing right now, he'd want to see what I have written, but I won't let him.