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Force-Dwellers Anonymous Info

Force-Dwellers Anonymous: Information

The FDA is a site in which we offer the best of STAR WARS that we can dig up. Unfortunatly our staff isn't very big, which is a huge pain! Fact is, we have many open spaces for you to fill if you want the job(no pay, just the recongition that you helped out with something pheonominal! So hurry up and e-mail me! We're waiting for your e-mail! There are a few requirments however. One: you must know something about HTML. Two: you must be a STAR WARS fan all the way, and just not someone who has seen the movie and enjoys it, but you must be a totally devoted fan and at least know what an aqualish, what Luke's Rogue Squardan number was(first movie), and Luke and Leia's mother's name!(and if you didn't know Luke and Leia were siblings, then don't bother e-mailing me).
The FDA now has a message board and and chat room, no more waiting. We are Force-Dwellers Anonymous!(no name are needed in chat rooms and message boards, just STAR WARS related nick-names/screen name).

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